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Salt Spring Island Residents for Responsible Land Use (SSIRRLU) is a grassroots organization composed of residents who are committed to the preservation and protection of sensitive ecosystems, heritage sites, and sacred places.

The Residents came together at the beginning of 2003 to oppose the industrialization of Walker Hook and support the Penelakut Elders in their efforts to protect their sacred burial site Syuhe'mun (Walker Hook). In the last two years SSIRRLU members have attended and spoken out at public meetings, written letters of concern to the appropriate ministries, given media interviews, and hosted educational forums.

In March of 2004 the Penelakut Elders, SSIRRLU, and the Canadian Sablefish Association (CSA - the wild blackcod fishery) each challenged the Ministry of Land, Air and Water Protection's decision to issue a temporary waste permit to Sablefin Hatcheries, Ltd. in a formal hearing in front of the Environmental Appeals Board. Although the appeal was denied, the work to protect and preserve this important place is continuing.

The SSIRRLU has been recognized for its efforts by our local government, the Islands Trust as the 2004 recipients of the Environmental Stewardship Award.

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