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The work of Salt Spring residents, First Nations groups, environmental organizations, and a host of others is ongoing as we continue to oppose industrialisation of Walker Hook and in particular the use of Walker Hooks fragile ecosystem to dispose of fish hatchery effluent. Opposition has taken many forms, ranging from an Environmental Appeal to letters written by concerned community members. Below is a small sample of some of the relevant documents that have been generated since the hatchery development at Walker Hook was first proposed in 2002. Please check back, as we will be adding documents to this list.

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Government Documents
Letter to Sablefin Hatcheries Ltd. from Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management Denying Site Alteration Permit, January 2005
Environmental Appeal Board Decision, November 2004
Sablefin Hatcheries Ltd: Potential Impacts of Hatchery Effluent on Eelgrass Bed, UBC Fisheries Centre Report, November 2004
Letter to Premier Campbell from Governor Murkowski (Alaska) expressing concern for potential dangers of sablefish farming, October 2004
Letter from McDonald & Co., Barristers & Solicitor to Ministry of Water, Land & Air Protection, September 2004
Letter from Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management responding to request by Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group to investigate unauthorized disturbance, January 2004
Letter from Peggy Ward, Canadian Wildlife Service to Woodward & Company, June 2003
Letter from Salt Spring Island Trustees to Ministry of Transportation and Highways, March 2003
The Leggat Inquiry into Salmon Farming in British Columbia, 2001

First Nations
Letter from Penelakut Elders to Sablefin Hatcheries, April 2006
Letter from Sablefin Hatcheries Ltd. to Penelakut Elders, March 2006
Letter from Penelakut Elders to SSIRRLU, July 2005
Letter from the Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group to the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, December 2004. Permission pending
Despite rulings, government still disrespects first nations, Vancouver Sun, November 2004
Letter to Islands Trust - Salt Spring Island from Chief Earl Jack, Penelakut First Nation, October 2004
To Preserve and Protect the Archaeological Heritage of the Southern Gulf Islands, Eric McLay, The Midden, Vol. 36, No. 3/4, 2004
Letter from the The Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group to Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, March 2004 Permission pending
Letter from Kimberly Kornbacher, MA to Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, March 2004
Archaeological Opinion from Kimberly Kornbacher, MA to Woodward & Company, February 2004
Fighting to save sacred ground, editorial, Vancouver Sun, January 2004
Opinion from Morley Eldridge, MA, RPCA to Woodward & Company, January 2004

Letter of Notification, Sablefin Hatchery Receives Permit for Outfall, May 30, 2008
Letter from SSIRRLU to Ministry of Environment, November 2006
Sample of Opposition Letters from Salt Spring Island Residents
Letter from Maxwell's to Letter to Ministry of Water, Land & Air Protection, December 2004
Letter from Dr. Tara Martin, University of Queensland to the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, October 2004
Islands Trust Council gives Community Stewardship Award to SSIRRLU, October 2004
Rare and special places not protected by government, Driftwood, October 2003
Letter to Donna Martin from Ministry of Environment, September 2003
Relevant Section of SSI Official Community Plan

Marine Harvest Appeals Aquaculture Decision, Island Tides, Vol 21 No 6, Mar26 - Apr8, 2009
Sea Change for Salmon Farms, Island Tides, Vol 21 No 4, Feb 26 - Mar 11, 2009
Dying fish had twice the sea lice. SFU study: 'One more solid piece of evidence' that lice from farms kills salmon. Research links listless, dying salmon to ... Vancouver Sun, January 16, 2006.
Keep Clayoquot Wild! Friends of Clayoquot Sound, E-News, August 9, 2005
Corporate Control Of Our Coast - Big Three in B.C, Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform, E-News, July 29, 2005
Future seascapes, fishing, and fish farming, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 2005 
Report Throws Cold Water on Next Hot Thing in Aquaculture: Sablefish, UBC Public Affairs Media Release, May 2005
Ecological and Economic Impact Assessment of Sablefish Aquaculture in British Columbia, Fisheries Centre Research Report, Vol. 13, No. 3, 2005 
Uncharted Waters Salt Spring Residents express concern over sablefish hatchery on archaeological site. Monday Magazine, December 2004
Spawning Controversy: Opponents Of Proposed Sablefish Farms Charge That Disease And Parasites Will Devastate Wild Stocks. Sound Familiar? The Georgia Strait, December 2004
Mad cow at sea? Canadian Sablefish Association, press release, November 2004
Murkowski asks Canada to halt Black Cod Farming Efforts until Environmental Studies are Conducted, Finished, Press Release of Alaska Senator Murkowski, August 2004
British Columbia: Greenpeace Leads International Fish Farm Protest In Broughton Archipelago, AQUANEWS, July 2004
Hot Summer for Fish Farming, Strait Talk, November 2003
Black cod farming alarms fishermen - Juneau Empire State News, July 2003
Council's Input Needed - Sablefish in Danger, press release, July 2003
The Leggat Inquiry into Salmon Farming in British Columbia, 2001

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