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Why Care About Saving Walker Hook?

Walker Hook on Salt Spring Island is located within the "Trust Area" which encompasses the islands and waters between the Mainland and Southern Vancouver Island, a scenic archipelago of 13 major islands and more than 450 smaller islands. In 1969, recognizing that the Trust Area Map areas highly valued environment could be irreversibly damaged by unrestrained development, the provincial government began a process that culminated in the establishment of the Islands Trust Act in 1974 and redrafted the Act in 1987, reaffirming the Province's commitment to careful planning and development in the Trust Area.

The Islands Trust Policy Statement has been developed in response to the need for preservation and protection of the Trust Area and its unique amenities and environment, to the need for leadership in achieving this objective, and to the legislated requirements of the Islands Trust Act. Goals and policies contained in the Policy Statement reflect values and concerns for the future of the Trust area expressed by the public and Trust Council's belief that not only this generation, but also future generations, should have the continued opportunity to enjoy the environment and amenities of this very special place.

The situation at Walker Hook is important to all British Columbians. It clearly illustrates that our current government is not listening, by allowing:

  • Construction of industrial waste disposal sites in sensitive ecosystems
  • Disrespect and destruction of First Nations' sacred sites and burial places
  • Destruction of the irreplaceable archaeological record - our only material record of the past
  • Disregard for the intent of Official Community Plans and vehement community opposition
  • Expansion of the fish farming industry at the expense of our dwindling wild fish stocks
These are issues that concern us all!

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